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Barker's Coalfields Map of South Africa

Books on the Wall Publishing cc is proud to announce the release of the 11th Edition (2014)

Barker’s Coalfields Map of South Africa originates from a study of the coal industry in the early-1980s originally for the international market. Compiled by manual cartographic methods the first edition was published in 1986. The map has gone from strength to strength with the fifth edition (published in 1995) being the first to be entirely compiled and produced by computer aided techniques and software. The map is now in its 11th edition (2014) published in January 2015.

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This new edition which has taken a year of research, highlights some important developments:

1. The emergence of Glencore as a major player in the industry with its consolidation of several companies giving it a huge presence in the central coalfields of Witbank, Highveld and Mpumalanga as well as in KZN;

2. The development of new multiyear mining projects in the Waterberg Coalfield, South Africa’s largest remaining coalfield;

3. New projects in the Limpopo, Free State and Molteno Coalfields and the resuscitation of the Kwa Zulu-Natal coal mines;

4. Features an all time record of more than 230 projects and mines shared by 41 companies

The map remains a standard reference for the industry recognised locally and internationally as a comprehensive overview of the South African coal industry. Throughout the editions one can see the interesting changes to the coal industry that have happened over the nearly 30 years since its first publication.

The importance of the map has been recognized in education, both at school and university level. It is a reference for industry and investors as well as for general public interest. It is a veritable “Book on the Wall”.

The map, showing the coalfields and distribution of Karoo rocks in Southern Africa as well as the distribution of active coal mines and projects provides information about the type of coal produced, mining methods and markets supplied the collieries in South Africa.

The compilation of the map from data supplied by the coal industry was achieved through AutoCAD and AutoCAD MAP. This technology provided Banzi with the powerful GIS capability necessary to achieve this task.

The Coalfields Map of South Africa is available in both print and digital format*.
Please see the order form for pricing information. The entire map cannot be ordered digitally for commercial and copyright reasons.

* In digital format the map is broken down into cameos for research purposes.

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