Welcome to Banzi

BANZI GEOTECHNICS cc (Banzi), is an integrated earth sciences and mining firm, established as Barker & Associates in 1982. Banzi aims to provide clients with a comprehensive service which embraces a wide range of experience in the fields of engineering, geological and environmental earth sciences. Project capabilities and experience are extensive.

Services are available for all stages of project development.


Structural analysis of undermining
Structural analysis of undermining
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These include:

  • the planning and direction of exploration operation (mineral, geotechnical);
  • the execution of reconnaissance and detailed civil (geotechnical) and exploration investigations (including appropriate remote geophysical or aerial surveys;
  • laboratory and ground based field testing work), the preparation of relevant reports, recommendations and designs;
  • evaluation of mineral deposits, investment and mining feasibility studies;
  • impact assessments and management of environmental issues and preparation of relevant data and reports.