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Platinum Map of Southern Africa

Banzi published 4th edition of the Platinum Map of Southern Africa (2012). The first edition, published in 2002, was born out of the 2000 boom in platinum exploration and expansion as an increased interest in charting South Africa’s platinum resources was sparked. The map contains a wealth of information including the location and boundaries of the various mines and projects, the reserves and resources of the operations as well as a percentage breakdown of PGEs in the mines and projects. This edition is by far the most comprehensive to date. Even in these tough times it remains a basic reference for the industry and a contribution to corporate information and to support staff awareness of the industry. It also make a great marketing tool.

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All in all it contains essential information about the platinum industry and is a highly recommended resource not only for the industry itself but for teaching institutions, libraries, technical colleges and businesses, (in fact, part of the success of the maps lies in their relevance to a diversity of people).  The map is made possible through the support of its subscribers, who are usually the main producers, suppliers and consumers in the industry, and Banzi has always worked closely with the support of the major platinum producers as well as international merchant banker JP Morgan South Africa – all of whom have pledged their support in the publishing of this map.

The Platinum Map of Southern Africa is available in print format and in digital form as cameo details in the form of JPG's and Tiff's.*

Please see the order form for price information. Please contact for further information.

Unique, branded corporate impressions of the map are available on request.
These maps provide a great advertising opportunity for a subscribing company. Orders for 50 or more copies are accepted subject to agreement.

* In digital format the map is broken down into sections of ‘Northern Sector’, ‘Eastern Sector’, ‘Western Sector’ and ‘Zimbabwe’ for email purposes.

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