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Here is an illustrative list of the work Banzi has been involved in over the years.  For more details regarding the work of Banzi please contact us.

Mineral Economics Exploration and Mining Feasibility

  • Due Diligence Study of the Operations of RHOVAN and VANTECH, Republic of South Africa for Nat West Markets/ IMC Mackay and Schnellmann, London, UK.  Mining Geotechnics.

  • Chrome plant, Dwars River Mine
    Chrome plant, Dwars River Mine

    Chromeden Chrome Mine, District Mankwe, North West Province, South Africa, for CIMC, London - included environmental compliance investigation.

  • Geochemical survey of certain farms in the Kalkveld area of Namibia/South West Africa. For Phelps Dodge (SA) (Pty) Ltd.

  • Preliminary report on the possible occurrence of diamondiferous alluvia. Client & location confidential.

  • A reconnaissance base metal feasibility investigation of the Waterberg Supergroup, Transvaal, SA. For Phelps Dodge of Africa Ltd.

  • A regional appraisal of the mineral potential of Lebowa, SA. For the Department of Finance and Economic Affairs, Lebowa Govenment Service, Seshego, Lebowa, SA.

  • Report on the base metal & source rock potential - Soutpansberg. For Anglo American Prospecting Services (Pty) Ltd, Verwoerdberg, Transvaal, SA.

  • Southern Portal - Zungwini Tunnel - 1978
    Southern Portal
    Zungwini Tunnel - 1978

    Report on the base metal potential Soutpansberg. For RioTinto Exploration (Pty) Ltd, Sandton, Transvaal, SA.

  • Minerals Advisor to the Lebowa Government Service. Responsible for the establishment of Mining & Minerals Section of the Department of Economic Affairs & Planning. Lebowa, SA.

  • Reports on alluvial diamond distribution in South Africa (various areas have been investigated; the locations of some are confidential, as are the clients).

  • Confidential exploration project, for gold in Transvaal Age rocks, District Koster, Western Transvaal, SA.

  • Exploration of the Masaka 1 gold occurrences, Butihinda Province – Republic of Burundi.

  • Zimbabwe Gold Project Review. For Boliden/Contech, Sweden.

  • Mozambique Gold Project Review. For Boliden/Contech, Sweden.

  • Geological investigations on a Diamond prospect at Klippan 140IP. For: Klippan Minerale cc, Johannesburg, SA.

  • Sidewall Crown Support Zungwini Tunnel - 1988
    Sidewall Crown Support
    Zungwini Tunnel - 1988

    Creator and Publisher of the Coalfields Map of South Africa - Editions 1, 2, 3 and 4 and Rev 4 of 1997.

  • Report: A Techno-Economic and Historical review of the South African Coal Industry in the 19th and 20th Centuries (199). In: Bulletin 113.  Published by the SA Bureau of Standards Coal and Mineral Services, Pretoria, 63p.

Mining Geotechnics

  • Evaluation of the gold mining belt south of Johannesburg with a view to the extension of surface use over undermined zones.

  • Establishment of the surface rights and freehold within the city limits, and the creation of a map showing zones susceptible to surface settlement due to undermining. (JOMET).

  • Surface Rights, Mining Rights and Geotechnical Data Collection and Analysis and Hazard Mapping in relation to the optimum use of deproclaimed "Mining Land" in the Germiston area. The City Engineer's Department, Germiston City Council.

  • Feasibility Study - Establishment of data availability and needs with respect to the eventual creation of a land hazard map covering the East Rand Metropolitan Planning Region (ORMET).

Environmental Management Programme Reports

  • Vryheid Quarry Operation, Natal. Lancaster Quarries (Pty) Ltd.

  • Umfolozi Quarry Operation, Natal. Lancaster Quarries (Pty) Ltd.

  • Umfolozi Sand Reclamation Operation, Natal. Lancaster Quarries (Pty) Ltd.

  • Harrismith Quarry Operation, OFS. Lancaster Quarries (Pty) Ltd.

  • Qwa-Qwa Quarry Operation, Kwa Zulu. Lancaster Quarries (Pty) Ltd.

  • Proposed Borrow Pit CONSOL Glass Factory Closure, Dundee, KwaZulu-Natal.

Selected Record of Coal CBM Projects

  • Applications for 1M hectares of CBM Properties in South Africa for Badimo Gas (Pty) Ltd

  • First Phase of Computer Modelling, Kotie Project.  For ICODEV (Pty) Ltd, Johannesburg, SA.

  • Investigation of coal reserves Strehla Block, Witbank District, Transvaal.  For the Messina (Transvaal) Development Company Limited, Johannesburg, SA.

  • Klipfontein geological studies & coal reserves - Klipfontein, district Carolina, Transvaal.  For ICODEV (Pty) Ltd, Johannesburg, SA.

  • Report on coal in South Africa.  Reserves, production & potential for foreign investment - Phase 1.  For AMOCO Minerals Company, Englewood, Colorado, USA.

  • Vol.1 & Vol.2: Preliminary coal & power investigations, Moretele 2\Matahanjana District, SA.  For the Department of Economic Affairs, Bophuthatswana, SA.

  • Proposal for electrical geophysical surveys for proposed extensions to the Grootegeluk coal mine, Northern Transvaal.  For ISCOR Ltd., Ellisras, Transvaal, SA.

  • Coal exploration & drilling programme Waterberg Coalfield on the farms Zongezien 467LQ & Peerboom LQ, District Ellisras, northern Transvaal, SA.

  • Geophysical, geological & groundwater investigations: east Tuli Coalfield, Botswana.  For Fillian Game Farms (Pty) Ltd, Rosebank, Johannesburg, SA.

  • South African Coalfields Study.  For Boulder Exploration Group, Boulder, Colorado, 80302, USA.

  • Rondebult Colliery - Audit and Feasibility Report for Chartech Pty Ltd 1997.

  • Numerous Confidential Geological and Reserve Evaluation Investigations, Coal Mines and Prospects in the Springs-Delmas-Witbank, Ermelo and Highveld Coalfields.

  • Contributions to intelligence studies on SA coal industry 1986 - 1989.  Clients confidential.

  • Eight editions of Barker’s Coalfields Map of South Africa 1986 - 2005.  For various clients.

  • Report on South African Coalfields – 1986 Update.  For BXG Inc., Boulder, Colorado, USA.

  • Reserve evaluation of the defunct Wakefield Colliery.  On portions 9, 10 & 15, Aangewys 81S, District Bethal, Eastern Transvaal, SA.

  • Coal investigations. For Blackstone Mining, Johannesburg, SA.

  • Coalfields Research.  For Shell Minerals SA.

  • Investigation into the supply & prices of certain coals for the production of a coal water slurry.  For Suprachem, Staal, Transvaal, SA.

  • Evaluation of Eastern Transvaal coal property.  For Messina Investments Ltd.  SA.

  • Mine plan and design, - Magdalena Mine, Northern Transvaal.  For Hanova Mining Holdings (Pty) Ltd, Johannesburg, SA.

  • Coal Investigation.  For Tropic Trading, Johannesburg, SA.

  • Coalfields Map of South Africa 4th Edition.  Published for AMCOAL, Ingwe Coal Corporation, Tavistock Colliery, SASOL and Barker & Associates.

  • Coal directory study. For Nagarjuna Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited, Bombay, India.
    Discard coal data base.  For ESKOM TRI, Johannesburg, SA.

  • Coal mine evaluations, Nkomati Anthracite Project.  For Glencore South Africa (Pty) Ltd, Johannesburg, SA.

  • Coal mine evaluations, Diepfontein Project.  For Glencore South Africa (Pty) Ltd, Johannesburg, SA.

  • Consultant to the RBCT on Coal Export through Richards Bay for a report to the Department of Minerals and Energy.

  • Provision of SA Coalfields Data & Maps.  For TOTAL South Africa (Pty) Ltd, Johannesburg, SA.

  • Review of certain mines and competitor study.  For Total Coal South Africa.

  • Maiganga Coalfield Investigations - Gombe State, Nigeria. For Lafarge Nigeria.

  • Total Coal South Africa – Consultant - Project Confidential.

Other Projects

  • Preliminary materials, National Route 1, Section 3 - Osplaas - Karbonaaitjieskraal, km0-km14,4, Cape, SA.

  • Site investigation for Rietspruit Colliery dam and canal. District Bethal, E.Tvl. Stewart, Sviridov & Oliver, Consulting Engineers, Johannesburg, SA.

  • Geological stability and soil geotechnical investigations on portions of the farm Roodekop 139 IR, Wadeville Germiston, SA. For A.J.Van Der Westhuizen, Red Hot Coal (Pty) Ltd. Wadeville.

  • Groundwater and soil investigation, contribution to research project on urban water balance model. Water Systems Research Programme, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, SA.

  • Foundation investigation for a multi-storey building in Central Johannesburg, SA. Ove Arup & Partners.

  • Dolomitic Stability and Soil Geotechnical Investigations Henley-on-Klip Retirement Village, Henley-on-Klip, Tvl., SA. Park Housing Trust.

  • Soils Engineering and Dolomite Stability Investigations, Administration Triangle, Katlehong, Greater Germiston Transitional Local Council. City Engineer’s Department, Greater Germiston TLC, Gauteng, RSA.

  • Geotechnical mapping and data analysis during the excavation of the Zungwini Rail Tunnel, in Natal, SA. RUC Mining & Contracting Co.Ltd.

  • Investigation of many coal mining properties, including data gathering and analysis, and mining feasibility evaluation. Clients confidential.