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BANZI GEOTECHNICS cc (Banzi), is an integrated earth sciences services firm, established as Barker & Associates in 1982. Banzi has provided clients with comprehensive services which embrace a wide range of expertise and experience in the fields of exploration and engineering geology and environmental earth sciences. Project capabilities and experience are extensive.
Services are available for all stages of project development.



These include:

  • target generation for mineral resources such as coal, coal bed methane, platinum and other selected commodities;
  • undermining stability investigations and Section 17 clearance in terms of the Mine Health and Safety legislation in South Africa (gold, coal and platinum)
  • the planning and management of exploration (mineral, geotechnical);
  • the execution of reconnaissance and detailed civil (geotechnical) and exploration investigations, including appropriate remote sensing techniques;
  • research for and the provision of client specific mining industry data and information sheets and reports;
  • published maps of the Coal, Gold and Platinum mines in southern Africa since 1986;
  • ground based field testing, (rock and soil),
  • asbestos contamination assessments and remedial design;
  • foundation mapping of nuclear facilities;
  • evaluation of mineral deposits (SAMREC compliance);
  • applications for exploration, EMP’s, closure plans and related regulatory work in terms of the relevant minerals and health and safety legislation in South Africa.